Suction Cleaners


Suction Cleaners – Suction cleaners are ideal for swimming pools in tropical or desert climates that require cleaning of fine particles of dirt, small leaves and twigs. They can be installed on the skimmer or on a dedicated line in less than 15 minutes.


Navigator® Pro – Exclusive SmartDrive® programmed steering moves the Navigator® Pro silently through a predetermined series of turns to clean thoroughly. Navigator® Pro is powered by the filtration system, helping avoid the expense of a booster pump.



Pool Vac XL™ – Pool VAC XL’s exclusive AquaPilot® programmed steering makes for fast and efficient cleaning through a series of pre-determined turns. Pool VAC XL™ is powered by the filtration system so you don’t have the expense of a booster pump.



Pool Vac Classic™ – Pool Vac Classic™ uses pre-programmed steering to move more efficiently and faster than any random style pool cleaner. By moving in a series of predetermined right and left turns, the Pool Vac Classic™ systematically provides more thorough coverage of a pools’ surface.



DV5000™ – The DV5000™ is an automatic pool cleaner that consumes debris in a single pass. It quietly and efficiently propels through the water cleaning dirt, debris, twigs and more.

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