With sanitization products offered by Distinctive Pools, you don’t have to mix, measure or mess around with liquid or tablet chlorine ever again. Now, you can automatically turn ordinary salt into a self-regenerating supply of pure chlorine for water that is clean, clear and magnificently soft. Electric chlorine generation has replaced harsh, chemically produced chlorine as the simple, safe and affordable way to sanitize pools and spas.


Salt Chlorination – It’s remarkable how much a little salt can enhance your swimming experience. The days of mixing, measuring and messing around with harsh liquid or chlorine tablets are finally behind us. Say good-bye to red eyes, itchy skin and chemical odors that take days to rinse off. There is now an easier, more efficient and cost-effective way to chlorinate your pool or spa.


Salt & Swim – Salt & Swim is the most affordable way to upgrade to a salt chlorinated pool and provide softer, silkier water. The Salt & Swim solution fits into most household budgets.



Aqua Rite® – Aqua Rite® provides complete sanitization using ordinary salt. It converts a small amount of salt (about one teaspoon per gallon of pool water) into an effectively endless supply of fresh, pure chlorine.



Aqua Rite® Pro – Aqua Rite® Pro takes salt chlorination and chemistry management to the next level. This integrated solution will automatically sense chlorine and pH levels to dispense a self-renewing supply of pure chlorine while maintaining a healthy pH level.



Aqua Plus® – Aqua Plus® simplifies pool and spa ownership by combining automation and salt chlorination. This all-in-one solution is easy to install and operates with several options to choose from – chemistry automation, remote control and more.



Turbo Cell® – Turbo Cell® is available in three sizes for in-ground pools – 40,000, 25,000 and 15,000 gallons. These choices enable your salt system to benefit from the most efficient and cost-effective chlorination possible.



Chemistry Automation – We can help make it so that your pool self-adjusts, automatically tests its own chemistry and balances sanitization levels in the water. Imagine a swimming pool that self-adjusted to eliminate unhealthy highs and lows, automatically ensuring balanced, brilliant water all the time! Sense and Dispense can help you get your water maintenance time completely balanced.


Sense and Dispense – This profession-grade ORP (chlorine) and pH Sense and Dispense® technology had once only been available for commercial pools. Distinctive Pools brings you Hayward’s Sense and Dispense® technology, this economical approach provides that same level of chemistry automation for residential pools. Sense and Dispense® utilizes a proportional feed algorithm to continuously test the water, sampling chlorine and pH levels, and adjusting chemical distribution on a basis proportional to the demand. Other systems don’t sample the water as frequently and release larger doses, a far less efficient approach that can create highs and lows which also result from a manual approach.
Sense and Dispense can be used in collaboration with your Aqua Rite® Pro or Aqua Plus® to provide a fully integrated solution – not an additional box that just takes up space. This solution eliminates additional installation costs and provides a single source for status reports and control.
Sense and Dispense is made up of two kits. The first senses pH and chlorine levels and dispenses a self-renewing supply of chlorine generated from salt. The second kit regulates pH levels, including a manifold that connects to a CO2 tank or an carbonic acid feeding tank. These highly effective solutions sued to lower pH as it has a tendency to drift upwards with salt-chlorinated pools.


Remote Pool Management System – Hayward Aqua Connect offers three easy ways to manage your pool, spa and backyard. Use the internet or mobile device to communicate via web-enabled computers and Wi-Fi that interface seamlessly with your home automation system, allowing one keypad or display panel to handle home theater equipment, lighting, security, landscape sprinklers and other backyard equipment.


Aqua Connect Web – Use the internet to manage your pool from anywhere in the world. Aqua Connect Web isHayward’s premium remote pool and spa management solution. With a subscription to Aqua Connect website, you will be able to monitor and react to more than 100 parameters and settings from anywhere. All that you would need is a landline-based internet connection or a web-enables device such as a Blackberry®, iPad®, iPhone®, or iPod Touch®. You can also monitor multiple locationssuch as vacation homes, and also include your pool service company in the network so they can monitor your pool(s) as well.


Aqua Connect Home Network – Aqua Connect Home Network connects your pool controller to your home network. It allows you to manage pool and spa functions using any laptop or desktop computer, or other mobile devices such as a Blackberry®, iPad®, iPhone®, or iPod Touch®.


Aqua Connect Home Automation – Use one universal remote control to completely manage your pool and spa. Aqua Connect Home Automation allows to interface the pool controller with one keypad or display to control home theatre, lighting, security, sprinklers and other backyard equipment. This is the most simplified solution for fully automated control that is compatible with home automation platforms manufactured by AMX and Creston.

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