Sand Filters


Sand Filters – Sand filters help impurities to be extracted by using sand to collect debris as small as 20 to 40 microns. Sand filters must be backwashed (ran in reverse) to unload water waste.



Pro-Series™ Plus – Pro-Series side mount sand filter meets requirements of even the most demanding installations, including pools with in-floor cleaning systems, spas, fountains or solar heating systems.


Pro-Series™ Top Mount – Pro-Series high-rate sand filters utilize the latest pool filter technology, ensuring that your pool is operating at an optimum level.



Pro-Series™ Side-Mount – Pro-Series high-rate sand filters are molded of durable, corrosion-proof thermoplastic and they also feature an advanced, self-cleaning lateral under drain for smooth, efficient flow and completely balanced backwashing.


S200 Series – The S200 series high performance filters are completely corrosion-proof and combine superior filtration and features with ease of operation. Designed with efficiency in mind, the S200 filter series is the ultimate in high-rate sand filtration.

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