Cartridge Filters


Cartridge Filters – Cartridge allow for fewer clogs and easier maintenance because of their greater surface area than other style filters. By running on lower pressure, they put less back pressure on the pump, providing more flow and turnover. It is a good idea to clean cartridge filters at least once or twice a season by hosing off the cartridge element. Cartridge element filters trap debris as small as 10 to 15 microns.



SwimClear™ - SwimClear™ large-capacity cartridge filter delivers helps you clean your pool’s filtration system without pouring gallons of water into the environment.
Star-Clear™ - Star-Clear cartridge filters set the standard of excellence and value. With extra cleaning capacity to accommodate pools and spas of all types and sizes, Star-Clear™ cartridge filters provide pools with a a great solution to keep water crystal clear.



Star-Clear™ Plus - Star-Clear™ Plus cartridge filters reinforced thermoplastic body works hard, achieving maximum water flow and superior filtration, delivering quality value and convenience.


Replacement Filter Elements - Reusable cartridge filter elements made of a superior reinforced polyester material.

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